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Montessori Educational Foundation

Helping curious children
become global citizens

Montessori makes sense for everyone

A holistic approach to education allowing the child to learn with self-directed activity, hands-on education and collaborative play.

Service Learning

How to help people in our community


Universal system for teaching kids the way they naturally learn


Helping any child receive a Montessori education

Tax Deductible

Donations are Tax deductible


Open Your Child's Future & Help Others Shape Theirs

Each child who is certified to receive an MEF Scholarship helps engage many more, expanding the possibilities for a better educated nation.

Options Presented to Some of Our Students

Opening Doors

Service Learning

Building Community

Communication Leader

Everyone is Welcome
Montessori training for people who want to guide students to a better education

Bob's Teacher Training Scholarship

Teacher Training | Professional Development

  • Training Costs Covered

    Up to 75%

*Teacher trainings must be approved by eligible school. 


* indicates required