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Montessori Educational Foundation

Helping curious children
become global citizens

Montessori makes sense for everyone

A holistic approach to education allowing the child to learn with self-directed activity, hands-on education and collaborative play.

Service Learning

How to help people in our community


Universal system for teaching kids the way they naturally learn


Helping any child receive a Montessori education

Tax Deductible

Donations are Tax deductible

Dr. Bob Montessori Education Grant

Open Your Child's Future & Help Others Shape Theirs

Each child who is certified to receive an MEF Scholarship helps engage many more, expanding the possibilities for a better educated nation.

A Montessori Education Grant for Students In-Need

Opening Doors

Service Learning

Building Community

Communication Leader

Everyone is Welcome
Montessori training for people who want to guide students to a better education

Dr. Bob Teacher Training Scholarship

Teacher Training &
Professional Development

  • Training Costs Covered

    Up to 75%

*Teacher trainings must be approved by eligible school. 


* indicates required